BrightQuest San Diego Celebrates 45th Anniversary!

BrightQuest San Diego Celebrates 45th Anniversary!

Breaking News [March 31, 2024] – BrightQuest San Diego is proud to celebrate 45 years of Therapeutic Community and rehabilitation for serious mental illness and co-occurring disorders. We’re proud of our outcomes and testimonials from families worldwide. Our team is comprised of multi-disciplinary experts ranging from Art/Experiential Therapists to a specialized Psychiatry team.

For more than four decades, the therapeutic community model that serves as the heart and soul of BrightQuest’s unique and transformative approach to care has grown, evolved, and modernized. Our leadership and clinical teams are honored to serve as the bearers of this program’s dynamic history, and to hold an inspired vision for its present capabilities and future impacts.

Facilitating life-changing and deeply affirming treatment for clients living with severe mental health diagnoses has been our mission for over 40 years. We’ve consistently strengthened, deepened, and refined our clinical approach over time to distinguish ourselves as industry leaders in long-term therapeutic community-based treatment and outcomes for this underserved population.

As we commemorate this milestone at BrightQuest, we want to honor our relationship with our clients, their families, our recovery partners and the communities in which we serve. Thank you for your partnership and support throughout the years. Please let us know how we can help you find treatment resources for yourself, a loved one or a client.

ABOUT US: BrightQuest in San Diego and our sister center in Nashville are part of the Constellation Behavioral Health network of treatment centers. BrightQuest offers compassionate and comprehensive residential treatment within a supportive therapeutic community setting. Individuals are given the opportunity to experience genuine connection while developing skills essential for recovery and health. We believe that healing is optimized in a supportive environment that fosters empowerment, responsibility, and social connectedness. Recovery is possible and we encourage you to visit our testimonials page to gain insight into the experiences of former clients and their families.