Making that first phone call, whether for yourself or a loved one, can be an overwhelming and frightening thing to do. But when you call us with your story, our admissions counselors will listen with empathy and compassion. We will do all we can to guide you through these first steps with the ease and clarity you need. When you seek treatment at a Constellation Behavioral Health treatment center, our team will work with you and your family to help facilitate a smooth process as you begin your recovery journey.

Whether you’re seeking treatment for yourself or for a loved one, asking for help is the first step toward a successful recovery. We also understand that it can be a frightening and overwhelming process.

When you call a Constellation Behavioral Health treatment center, you will not reach a busy call center. You will reach one of our caring recovery specialists who will handle your call personally and answer your questions and concerns, taking the time to guide you through our process and handle the difficult logistics for you.

Understanding the Admissions Process

While the treatment experience varies depending upon the facility and individual needing treatment, the following are basic steps that can be counted on in the admissions process:

    1. Preliminary Information
      • Phone Screening
      • Clinical Review of Psychiatric History and Documentation
    2. Assessment
      • Phone Evaluation
      • Initial Face-to-Face Meeting
      • Clinical Admissions Assessment
    3. Preparation
      • Treatment Team Review and Notification
      • Admissions Date Confirmation
      • Admission/Intake

The dedicated staff at our facilities will guide you along the way to ensure the most effective care for yourself or your loved one.