Thanksgiving in Treatment: A Safe, Supportive Place to Celebrate the Holiday

Our Alta Mira, Bridges to Recovery, and BrightQuest facilities have a number of client activities planned for Thanksgiving. The holidays at our centers are a time when our clients can continue to heal in a safe, comfortable environment within the support of a therapeutic community and embrace the season. We understand that Thanksgiving may not be the same in treatment, but our caring staff is here to support our clients.

The thought of spending the holidays in treatment may be difficult for some and may keep others from seeking the help they need. The idea of being away from family during the holidays might make one feel lonely and isolated, but this is certainly not the case.

Spending Thanksgiving in treatment is anything but lonely, and clients at Alta Mira, Bridges to Recovery, and BrightQuest Treatment Centers will celebrate Thanksgiving dinner with their peers and our amazing staff. There will be cooking, there will be game playing, and there will be football watching—in a safe, supportive environment where they can best avoid the stressors and triggers that might compromise their recovery.

Staff at all our facilities go above and beyond to ensure our clients feel included on Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinners and activities are planned—and “just like home”—clients can plan on playing games together, watching football or movies, or just relaxing. We also have family inclusive activities and many of our facilities plan events throughout the weekend following Thanksgiving, such as horseback riding at Alta Mira and a Black Friday shopping excursion at BrightQuest Nashville.

Thanksgiving at Alta Mira

  • Horseback RidingOn Thanksgiving day, following their process group, clients will enjoy time before Thanksgiving dinner with each other and family members playing games, watching football, and enjoying the early afternoon. Dinner is served from 2-5pm, followed by more football, game playing, etc. (it’s very much Thanksgiving Day here at Alta Mira!)
  • On Saturday, clients will be going on a horseback trail ride with Five Brooks Ranch in Pt. Reyes National Park.
  • Sunday, clients can also partake in a scenic walk at the Sausalito Marina.

Thanksgiving at BrightQuest

  • At our Nashville location, clients will feast on a Thanksgiving dinner together in addition to preparing the sides and desserts with our staff! Football watching and board games will be enjoyed at our semi-living DeWees residence.
  • At our San Diego location, clients will have a potluck dinner with some of our BrightQuest staff. Football watching and games will be enjoyed!
  • On Black Friday, staff will be supporting clients in Nashville in black Friday shopping in the morning and supported out in the afternoon to a movie prior to a dinner out.

Thanksgiving at Bridges to Recovery

  • For those clients with family in town and who are able to benefit from an off-site visit, Bridges to Recovery provides a four-hour off-site visit window for families to attend a Thanksgiving dinner. Those families often will make reservations at local restaurants and/or hotels to enjoy a family dinner on Thanksgiving.
  • For clients with family in town but not yet ready for a family event, we offer an on-site holiday meal prepared by our executive chef.
  • For clients without family in town, we have a holiday schedule that includes a wonderful holiday meal with all the stuffing (pun intended).

At our Constellation Behavioral Health family of treatment centers, we provide safe, warm, and welcoming environments in which clients can enjoy the holidays. At Thanksgiving, our clients enjoy a hearty holiday feast together with their peers, staff, and often family, in addition to many other activities.

If you or a loved one are in need of addiction or mental health treatment, don’t put off treatment until after the holidays. Please contact us today.

We can help.