Our Promises

Meaningful Lives ~ Infinite Possibilities

At Constellation, we are passionate about creating and investing in world-class treatment programs that help heal individuals from addiction and mental health disorders, and provide a foundation for creating meaningful lives rich with the possibilities that come in recovery. To that end, we make the following promises to our clients, to our staff and to our world:

Promise to Our Clients

We promise you a safe and healing environment in which you can catch a vision for the infinite possibilities of a life in recovery. We promise to honor you and treat you with integrity, compassion and kindness. We believe in your inner strength, inherent wholeness and capacity to thrive. We promise to provide you with leading-edge tools and a foundation for a life in recovery. We promise you the highest level of clinical assessment, customized treatment solutions and lifetime recovery services.

Promise to Our People

We promise you meaningful work and an opportunity to contribute your unique talents to a life-affirming environment. We promise to invest in you and empower you to be of service. We promise to value your contributions and co-create a workplace where we can all find joy, pride and enriching experiences. We ask for your heartfelt partnership in this endeavor, your openness to new approaches, and your faith in the infinite possibilities we can create together.

Promise to Our World

We promise to bring innovative approaches to treating addiction and mental health disorders. We promise to encourage and support recovery and recovering people. We promise to serve our communities and to give back, individually and collectively. We are committed to creating a healthier, happier and more peaceful world of infinite possibilities.

Inspiration ~ Hope ~ Freedom